• Tidomet forte (Levodopa + Carbidopa)

Expiration date: 12/2019 

The composition and form of issue: 

Tablets. 1 tablet contains:

carbidopa 25 mg

levodopa 250 mg

the strip 10 PCs in a pack carton of 10 strips.

Method of application and dose:

Inside, during or after a meal. Dose picked individually. Typically the reception starts with a 1/2 table. 1-2 times a day, if necessary daily dose increased by adding 1/2 table. every 2-3 days to achieve optimal effect (usually up to 3-6 table./days, but not more than 8 table./day).

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Tidomet forte (Levodopa + Carbidopa)

  • Brand: Torrent
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